Rieck: "Alter, so schlecht warst du nicht" - Bildhauer Atelier Düsseldorf - Doscha
p    express rieck plakette

Rieck: “Alter, so schlecht warst du nicht”

p    express rieck plakette

Ex-CC Managing Director honored with a plaque at the Carnival House .

Visibly touched, Jürgen Rieck (77) accepted his award yesterday: The Düsseldorf Carnival Committee (CC) honored Rieck, who was managing director of the CC for 17 years, with a bronze plaque. Attached to the House of Carnival dedicated to him. “Without you, the house of carnival would not exist. For more than 17 years you gave our carnival a face and led it from the amateur league to the professional league,” said CC President Joseph Hinkel.

Weakened by his serious illness of cancer but happy about the honor, Riech unveiled the plaque, which shows his face with a jester’s cap. “I can even recognize myself from that!” He was happy and emphasized in front of the around 50 guests, including Mayor Elbers: “I wouldn’t want to miss this time of carnival and would do it again. When I see the product, I’m grateful Above all, it is an absolute reassurance that it is in good hands and will be continued in this way. I can look at the plaque with satisfaction and say: Hey, dude: you weren’t that bad!”
It was designed  by Doris Moisa and her husband Alexander Moisa . Both from the artist group of Rosenmontagswagenbauer Jacques Tilly. It took a year to complete.Shortly before it came to Karl-Heinz Schmäke’s foundry, I took another critical look at it. “I also wanted people to recognize something!”

Photo: Uwe Schaffmeister
CC President Josef Hinkl and Jürgen Rieck, who unveiled his plaque at the Carnival House yesterday.

To the bronze plaque .