Neue Glühwein-Kameraden - Bildhauer Atelier Düsseldorf - Doscha
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Neue Glühwein-Kameraden

(jul)  Heino  as a nutcracker,  Joseph Beuys  and  mother Ey  in a snowy robe,  Jan Wellem  in a Santa Claus outfit and  Heinrich Heine  as a writing soldier. Where’s something like that? In Düsseldorf, more precisely: on Flinger Straße. Even more precisely: on the first floor of the mulled wine pyramid of showman  Bruno Schmelter . It has had a permanent place there for fifteen years and is now being given figures that, according to Schmelter, “I, as a passionate Düsseldorfer, wished for”.
For this he hired the sculptor  Doris George  and her partner  Alexander Moisa who went to work in the carriage construction hall of the Düsseldorf carnival. The impact-resistant styrofoam figures are about 1.20 meters tall. And due to the use of fiberglass mats, they also weigh a bit. “So between eight and twelve kilos,” estimates George. The successful Düsseldorf ambassadors on the mulled wine pyramid will be installed at the weekend. From Thursday you can drink mulled wine under their protection. Incidentally, the price remains the same: three euros.

Alexander Moisa, Doris George  and Bruno Schmelter (from left to right) with the polystyrene legends.